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620-advertising-1After creating your faucet you need to have a correct return?
For this I will disclose a list of advertising sites that you can put on your site and your needs! I’ll put the essentials for new faucets.

I will updating the post as see the need. Remember that if you put any advertising on your site you will not get rich.

Update: 10/02/2016 at 08:12 AM

List of Starting

  • AnonymousAds – This is certainly the best in the categories for beginner, do not pay much, but it pays above average in relation to any other for faucets that have just been created. Simple to create your ad and fast!
  • AdBit – A little more complex to put on your site, but it is very good it allows you to sell ad space on your site, your profitability is no big deal for beginners faucets but if there is space left over this is a good thing!
  • AdSense – It is easy you get an AdSense account to your faucet, but remember that you must have some content in it and nothing illegal in terms of AdSense, I suggest a read before placing it on your site to not take suspension. AdSense is the best means of advertising for anything and pay well per click but takes for you to join the $ 100 at the beginning, but put it on your faucet will you pay good impressions to other ad networks that I will mention. (People visiting faucet usually are not interested in adsense ads, which can affect your revenue, but google will pay well per click.) NOTE: Google AdSense this banning most faucets, so if you are lucky you get a swag before being banned.

List of best

  • MellowAds – Undoubtedly is the largest bitcoin advertising network, I believe it is a bit “more” stringent than google for you to be accepted into the program, expect your faucet appears in the top 1 million alexa rank, but no point wasting your time to submit your site for them to analyze. They pay very well per thousand views and click.MellowAds
  • BitMedia – I do not know much about this, but it is also very strict and requires great traffic to be accepted not only have rank in alexa. I read about users who claimed earn 15,000 satoshis per click. But it is good to have this in your
  • CoinAd – I still do not know how you get a invite code to enter the sitema of them, and this leads me to believe that the payment of this is greater than the other, if you do not have an invite code or even try to register it will not pass the registration.
  • AdSense – As has already been spoken above. The MellowAds can take into account you have AdSense and approve you to their program!

List of alternative advertising

  • [NEW] Bitvertise – It is a new site, but looks very promising, he was having a promotion of $ 5 for good sites that were approved in the system. Because the system is new, the ads are blank of the time, but the little time they appear generate good earnings, and pay well for each click.
  • [NEW] Bitcoset – Do not have a lot of information, but from what I saw they pay on average 1500 satoshis per 1000 views. How new is this normal, but the trend is to increase soon.
  • [GoodAdsOptmal – Sounds good in many faucets began to use, payment rates it are good, and withdraw the minimum is $ 50.
  • BlockAdz – Is starting to be used by many faucet sites, the only negative point is the delay to get the withdraw and the minimum limit of 0.01BTC.
  • Eadsy – It’s a little new but ta paying and it is a help to your faucet, recommend leaving them in the site footer with at least two ad 468×90. (But the gains are really low, better than nothing, but from about 60 satoshis every 300 hits.)
  • AdAlso – In my opinion it is a bad site, but for those who want to use ta there! (Paid more than Eadsy.)
  • CPMLeader – Not much to talk about, pays 1,000 views and withdrawal is through paypal.
  • CoinAdvert – It allows you to sell ad space, but it is not the most profitable.
  • CoinTraffic – This is relatively good, with many sites have access to him. And to be approved is a bit difficult because it needs to have high organic traffic. It was widely used in!

Pop Ups ads?

I think not so advisable to use popups on your site, that payment may even be good, but greatly reduces the traffic, which leads you have to increase the reward of your faucet so you do not miss much traffic. I will leave just a service here for the facility to be accepted into the program, and because it has an anti adblock which helps service.

  • PopAds – Very simple to be accepted, it takes less than 24 hours. And has several popups services popunders and has a good affiliate service, paid every $ 5 via paypal. My site had 300 hits with popads and yielded 0.42 cents, but it varies greatly.

Final comments!

Good your faucet at the beginning will need enough advertising to support themselves. After all every beginning is difficult. And to generate traffic the faucet rewards have to be good and flashy as 100 satoshis every 10 minutes. It generates a lot of traffic.
I recommend that when you get into for MellowAds use it throughout the site. And in the page footer, let advertising as a-ads / eadsy among others so q n disturb the site. The idea is that the cleaner your faucet has more access advertising will generate. Then try to find a balance, not only think about the return on investment.

Take a look at post “What should I know before creating a faucet” to see some good tips! Thank you for reading this far, and if you like do not forget to share!

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Many people said that coinmedia scam? Is is true


I can not give you certainty, but the service rendered me 40,000 satoshis on the dashboard, and I did not reach the minimum to cash out, but if I see more rumors update the post and put a star to be careful.


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