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HostingHello guys,

The Viewen is providing absolutely free web hosting accounts for members of Faucet Custom.
Services:  They offer free cPanel and SSL encryption as a standard offering. (php,mysql,subdomains and more)

What is necessary?

  1. Having a paid domain
    Want to pay less than $ 1 per domain? And pay with bitcoin?
    Access the NameCheap and see the cheapest domains market.
  2.  Know how to edit the nameservers and Mecher with cpanel
    This is necessary because the Viewen will send you an email with your nameservers for you to change the NameCheap panel after making the purchase of a domain.
  3. Viewen procedures
    Access the link below Viewen after that create your account and make free request in order normally Viewen after finishing you will on its viewen panel and copy the number of order.
    Access the Facebook of Viewen by clicking here, and comment on a post a short description you made the request to them thanking the free service and enter the order number. In a few hours or minutes your host is enabled if all goes well!

Web Host and Domain

Web Host (Free): Viewen Web Host

Domain (Paid and Cheap): NameCheap

Having your domain host and download our free themes to use 🙂 Thanks ! Share!

Any questions related to these two just comment here! Will render full support if these two services through the comments. Share this site with friends so we can continue to bring great deals and news for the site!




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