highwayYou want to earn with clicks? This is a great theme for this, has two modal, great to generate clicks, generate clicks because it is noticeably more agradevel advertisements. Simple and ideal for a good faucet site.


Commenting on:

This theme is great for advertising to click, you leave normal publicades on the home page, and you want to win with click you let us modals. Use the right side 3 ads (200×200) of MellowAds (or your favorite ad network) and use the CoinURL 300×250 in both modals and win 2500 satoshis per click. (You can choose to instead of using a 300×250 ad block using several 468×60. I recommend you also the modal “Last Step” use the antibotlinks. It’s a good tactic against bots and will make the person look more time your ad and be interested in it. There are 5 ad slot to edit the faucetbox panel, but the ad slot right you can add 3 ads 200×200 summarizing 7 ad slots.

How to install?

  1. First download then unzip and upload the template folder to the folder “Templates” from his faucetinabox.
  2. Move the “assets” folder to public_html (or the root folder of your faucetinabox).
  3. Now just access your administration page yourfaucet.yourdomain/admin.php and templates tab select your.

Note: You will not have any work with html programming / php / css, etc. The advertisements are placed directly on the tab templates too!
(Unless you want the full edition of the template is allowed provided it does not remove the site credits.)


[button-green url=”http://ouo.io/tmSEEN” target=”_blank” position=””]UpToBox[/button-green][button-green url=”http://ouo.io/gPQhc0″ target=”_blank” position=””]DepositFiles[/button-green][button-green url=”http://ouo.io/qFkqlg” target=”_blank” position=””]SendSpace[/button-green]

 Link off?

Send us post the link reporting the incident to the [email protected] email, remember to try all the links, and just let us know if everyone is offline. Thank you!

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The zip has password, can you publish it


Admin Is my name inmy site, and yes I found yet the list of passwords


yes I saw another similar ask in other theme and saw the list of pass


Thank u, is good site if setup my faucet I will be linking you or if post in my blog going to talk of your site


Congratulation it feels good when you have a web and people is interested, hope you have a lot of vistis and more good info


I will publish in spanish, there is a lot of people that don`t know about webs in english that have very interesting info, tools and other resources. Again than you!