oceanEvery time I move on faucetbox administration page is that white screen, all “botched” I decided then to change the css style, caught a ready and did a little modification to be easier for you to download our themes. This is a version just to get the “white” of the default theme. I might create a more interactive!

(Admin Page Theme)


  • More beautiful
  • Accessibility to download new themes
  • Fast Load

How to Install

Just move the “script” folder into your root directory where faucetinabox is installed. Or get the file “admin_template.php” and move to folder where the script is installed your faucetinabox.


[button-green url=”http://ouo.io/ZAaknR” target=”_blank” position=”left”]UpToBox[/button-green][button-green url=”http://ouo.io/nHdqcx” target=”_blank” position=”left”]ZippyShare[/button-green][button-green url=”http://ouo.io/mvFGEOY” target=”_blank” position=”left”]DepositFiles[/button-green][button-green url=”http://ouo.io/82Ve6B” target=”_blank” position=”left”]HugeFiles[/button-green]



[alert-announce]Warning: This theme is only for administrative page of your faucet![/alert-announce]

Link off?

Send us post the link reporting the incident to the [email protected] email, remember to try all the links, and just let us know if everyone is offline. Thank you!


Remember the best way to help us continue is giving, and will not face just think it’s donate bitcoins, you can donate your time sharing our theme on your website or even leaving a link to your faucet as “Space Theme by Faucet Custom”, sending the site to friends and sharing down here in twitter buttons, google plus and facebook, it helps a lot! 🙂 Help us to continue with the project!

Like the theme?
Make a donation of any amount to our bitcoin wallet: 1F7sECvFAdhPDZ5THECvSU7HPQs3Mtxk8a

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