How to increase your ranking in alexa?

alexaHello, many people who create your faucet want their alexa ranking down fast (or go up depending on your point of view). The fact is that for faucets alexa ranking will rise fast but not so much if your site does not have a antibot beyond the captcha, it will only be bots that will access your site. Today I will be listing a lot of things to increase your rankings.

Install alexa toolbar

It seems that only you using will not make a difference, but will rather, it can make your site stand near a 2- to 5 million in the ranking. You can also ask friends to install and access your site (if they could leave your site open longer, it is better too).



Install script alexa your site

Quite simply, this will help you in a lot. He has a lot of curious people who will end up clicking on the widget and it will help you. Probably this script to collect data as well. (Know that it will not work if your site is with https / ssl)

Remember to replace “” to the domain of your.

Put content on your site

It may seem strange. But if your site does not have anything written, only the site name and description that will delay you.

Update your meta tags

Remember to keep your current meta tags. You’ll have to edit (or add) your keywords and description. I know no one looking faucets on google but this is a good tool to use to your advantage when it comes to SEO.

I will provide here the two codes for you to put in the <head>

<meta name="description" content="description of your site here. Do not remove the quotes." />
<meta name="keywords" content="faucet, bitcoin, earn, withdraw, promotion, bet,"/>

Speed up your site!

If your site takes to load try to reduce unnecessary css, load locks.
For this use the Google Page Speed.

Have a good design!

Yes, it is an essential thing, that in addition to attracting more people will help you. Good design will leave more pleasant for people to revisit your site. The person process want to return to your site is good because it means that your site to Alexa produce good content. You can download new themes for your faucet here.


Wait, it may take a little while now. It had taken him at least two weeks until your faucet climb to the top ranking 1 million. This will be the only factor that can not help.

Special Thanks

Thank you for reading this far, and if you like, share, and install the toolbar alexa and visit us, to give us a help also! Until next time! 😀

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