What is needed to create your faucet?

thumbneededYou want to create a faucet or created, and soon realized that he is not giving you profit, only expenses, then read this matter, I believe that in addition to opening your mind will help you and give a better basis on how to create a faucet!


The necessary

Well, surely you have seen that to create you need a hosting, domain and bitcoin ( or the faucet currency you will create). Surely you do not want to spend, but I’ve just assure you, you will have spent yes and the return is delayed.

Question It

  1. You want a very good faucet? That is sustained only with AdSense?
  2. You want a reasonable faucet? That is sustained by MellowAds?
  3. You want a “bad” faucet that pays 50-200 satoshis in a few hours or days, and is supported with several advertisements?

Their expenses for very good faucet

Your spending will be according to the “level” of faucet you want to create, if you want to create a good faucet and that is sustained by only AdSense you will need more money because it will take for you to return, not to mention you’ll have to use a good antibot, unlike antibotlinks and only a captcha, you will be “forced” to use reCaptcha (the other being “easy” to circumvent)

  • Domain
    The fields have to be good, not just cheap or free domains, it also decrease your ranking in alexa is difficult time for ordinary people to want to access.
    Prefer domains following order .com, .net, .biz, .info, .io, .co, .in
  • Web Hosting
    Do not use free, pay one in NameCheap that is super cheap and good, you can use the free Viewen it is unlimited and fast, but let a saved money to close if the site and you stay in the hand, back up regularly too.
  • Initial investment
    In addition to the domain costs and hosting, you will need the cryptocurrency, as the site will be sustained only with adsense (in this example) will leave a minimum amount you will need, it does not necessarily be binding but lingered for your faucet to get famous and start generating good, regular traffic for adsense, and you can lose all your satoshis.
    Estimated Price: $ 100 dollars in cryptocurrency, plus the price of hosting and domain.

That’s a price I’m estimating, for you to make money with just AdSense on the site, in addition to all this you will need a good design and very intuitive for people clickem on your ads google willingly, remember that the site will need some written content for AdSense google not ban you from the program.

Good faucets, medium and “bad”

Good questions to the web hosting and domain remain the same, but you can opitar by ccTLDs domains as (.in, .us, .design, .pro and more).
Already hosting your have no escape and all values will be high and usually monthly is the cost.

Promotion: Good price of hosting and domains in NameCheap. Domains from 0.88 cents web hosting and $ 10 a year of hosting.

  • Initial investment

The initial investment is very small. From 10 $ dollars in cryptocurrency you can well manage your ranking in alexa to pass the good ad networks. But is not recommended. The faucet has to pay well and in no time, and you do not lose money with the bots. Install antibotlinks that will already reduce 98% of bots.

Suggested price in cryptocurrency to start: 30 $ for good, 10$ for medium and 6$ for bad.

  • Managing

Do not place advertisements crowding the whole page everywhere. After all they will pay you more, however, will not be a big deal. And will not draw the attention of users, try using cleaner themes. Customized with content and animations, faucet with direct withdraw (if you know how) or make it worthwhile users back it.


Time to talk good thing, the return on your money. It will be worth it? This is an issue that discourages people, really worth it or not.

  • Comments

I’ll leave my comments here, if you want to quickly return or do not have patience, not worth it.
If you like it, and will devote part of their time to manage your faucet so it pays to do.

  • Return on your money

The return of your money is time consuming, and will not give absurd profit, in the beginning is to complicated you get the bare minimum to keep your faucet online, so I put the price a slightly high.

Final tips

What will make your faucet start generating traffic is you do promotions to users, customizing those gains, and cause your site to be enjoyable to navigate, without being too intrusive.

Do not put many networks on the site, say that 3 ad networks is more than enough, the ideal is 2 ad networks.
If you get the BitMedia.io and CoinAd on your site, you will probably be sustained easily.


List of Ad Newtworks for your faucet: https://faucetcustom.xyz/advertising/advertising-services


Remember, keep a faucet today is being unfeasible, and do it just as a hobby, AdSense this banning most sites, plus the return is being baixisso, for example: I lost yesterday 40,000 satoshis and won 41,000 satoshis of ads, a profit of 1,000 satoshis only. (I’m not taking into account AdSense, which generated something of 3 dollars, but do not count on it, because I can be banned at any time.) If you want to make a faucet for profit only profit, forget it, invest in FromtMiner or in anything provided it is reliable.

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