Where promote your faucet?

Many people who create your faucet does not know where to disclose it, even I suffered with this though dedicate myself to other things. I show here a few sites that you can use to promote your faucet, I’m updating this post as new sites emerge, can you let me know through the comments too. Promoting your faucet your ranking in alexa will rise. Then promote it already!


  • Bit.Makejar (Best)
    This is a good site for you to publicize your faucet, to put it in the list, you should send an email to the website owner, email is at the bottom of the page.
  • iFaucet (Best)
    It is a links rotor, but it is very useful to help spread your faucet.
  • BestRotator (Best)
    Similar to the iFaucet, but consider this better though generate less traffic.
  • Faucet Custom
    This will be my list, I have forecasts to launch a better site just for that.
  • M14BTC
    It is good, but only accepts faucetbox.
  • FaucetRank
    Great, has a complete list of users with option to vote for your faucet. The only problem is that is still little known.
  • BestBitcoinFaucets
    Undoubtedly one of the best, it is easy to add and easy to vote.
  • LandOfFaucets
    This still has little traffic, but still is already a help.
  • BitcoinTalk
    Yes, you can use the most famous of bitcoin forum to spread, and it’s great.

I will updating as new lists are emerging.

Look disclose at least the first 3, it is of utmost importance, and if you want your site to be indexed more, increase your recompença of these for at least 50%. This will really increase your traffic.


A good way to publicize your faucet is advertising, if you read my post about the requirements to stop creating a faucet, will know that is not cheap. And a good way is you buy ads.
I will leave here MellowAds you can use them to gain Faucet 5000-100000 satoshis in advertising every day. And you can add funds and start PPC / CPM and Network campaigns.

Another Alternative

Quit looking for blogs and related bitcoin faucet. Send a contact form if they can publicize your faucet with a referral link. This really helped you, and have a lot of good people who will help you.
Use Twitter, has many disseminators faucet, find them and ask them to disclose their.


That’s all, if liked the post, I ask you to leave your feedback in the comments, and share! Below is some little buttons to help you in promotion. If you have links where disclose leave here. Thank you!

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