How install Antibotlinks


As you all know our faucets are and always will be bot target. For this we use some plugins, we block some ips and addresses, etc. And based on that website launched antibotlinks which is an excellent plugin.

What will we learn today?

Today I will be showing you how to install the Antibotlinks Bit.Makejar, but how many people know that I will be giving some tips. Because many people install this without editing it which makes it easy for some bots get through security.

What will we need?

Antibotlinks – (Download by clicking here. The latter preferably for so always read the post their official clicking here)

Files and folders to add the root folder of your faucetbox:


Files that will edit:



After you have downloaded the AntiBotLinks, you must edit it with your PHP editor (can be normal even notepad, but I recommend the netbeans).

With open antibotlinks.php file look for: $word_universe=array(); and from the second line to the last erase all. It should look like this:

 (Here it was to be content to erase)
 // I hope every faucet owner will make his own word universes

We do this because we will not use the words he already has written, as the creator of the plugin hold. If you keep the same words it is easy for bots.

And there where has that blue line, you will copy and paste 10 times at least the line below:

$word_universe[]=array(''=>'', ''=>'', ''=>'', ''=>'', ''=>'', ''=>'', ''=>'', ''=>'', ''=>'', ''=>'');

Within single quotes we will insert our own words or math exercises. (As 1+1, 2+2). Since the first is the account that will appear and according to its reply.


$word_universe[]=array('1+1'=>'2', '2+2'=>'4', '3+3'=>'6', '4+4'=>'8', '5+5'=>'10', '6+6'=>'12', '7+7'=>'14', '8+8'=>'16', '9+9'=>'18', '10+10'=>'20');

What I left in blue is what will appear in the information, and the red is the result of Blue count. If words would be the same thing, only with minor modifications. Like this:

$word_universe[]=array('span'=>'SP4N', 'FIRE'=>'F1R3', 'water'=>'[email protected]', 'FRIEND'=>'fr13nd', 'Hello'=>'HeLlO', 'morning'=>'M0rn1ng', 'say'=>'[email protected]', 'H3LP'=>'help', 'rock'=>'r0ck', 'B00K'=>'book');

The order does not hurt, but never repeat any of them. As:

[...] '2+3' => '5', '3+2' => '5', [...]

Never do so as it will go wrong, will show both results and has 50% chance the person miss what the right order.

Well you’ll have to fill those 10 lines with different things, and not to repeat the same line. The beads can be the same in other lines, for example:

$word_universe[]=array('13+1'=>'14', '2+3'=>'5', '4+3'=>'7', [...]);
$word_universe[]=array('1+13'=>'14', '3+2'=>'5', '3+4'=>'7', [...]);

After filling its 10 lines, make sure it’s all right and ready, close and save and then send to your server. (If you want your faucet is more secure, add more lines. I recommend 20.)


Open your /index.php and look for::

$data['captcha_info'] = $captcha;

Under this code, add the code below:

$antibotlinks = new antibotlinks(true, 'ttf,otf');
if (array_key_exists('address', $_POST)) { 
 if (!$antibotlinks->check()) { 
 $antibotlinks->generate(3, true);// number of links once they fail, the second param MUST BE true 
} else { 
 $antibotlinks->generate(3);// initial number of links

In this code you can put the minimum number of links that will appear, and also the minimum number that the person has to hit. You will not need more than 3 links. Also, increase the number of links will not let your faucet safer than adding more lines of your dictionary with new words. (The minimum is 10, but recommend 20 lines).

After that close and save the file, we will now edit the index of your theme.

If you are using our old songs, I suggest you read this article to your antibotlinks work.

Open /templates/*theme-name*/index.php
Search for: </head>
And before closing tag add:

<?php $antibotlinks->get_js(); ?>

It should look like this:

<?php $antibotlinks->get_js(); ?>

Now look for:


And add below:

<?php echo $antibotlinks->show_info(); ?>

Agora você vai adicionar onde quer que apareça os links, eles devem estar dentro do corpo da pagina. Você deve adicionar de 3 a 5 vezes, dependendo do que você definiu lá em cima.

<div class="antibotlinks"></div>


Close and save your file, and test your faucet, I hope you enjoyed my tutorial a bit more detailed. You can consult the tutorial plugin creator here. Thank you, if you like to ask short, share or retweet to your twitter. To the next!

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