How to make your own faucet rotator

Today I will be teaching you how to create a rotator simple faucets, but very useful. It is very fast, and my aim is to only release the tool, and show beginners.



After you have downloaded the BitcoinGrind and your text editor, you will need to extract your Bitcoin Grind, do so.

Now just open with your text editor g.js the file and place your links mentioned therein replacing those it already. You can use a list of faucets and go by replacing your wallet at the end.

var s=[


If you have basic knowledge in html you can customize your gin.html file (the gin.html is the main page of the faucet). I recommend you use the bootstrap for beautiful layouts.


After finishing close and save. And open your index.html file to test if everything is ok, just upload to your server.


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Maybe I can make a theme for beginners, if they like the idea let us comments! Thank you and more!



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